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There is an abundance of valuable nutrients hidden in the earth, so we are constantly looking for ways to protect and preserve these opportunities for future generations.

Our mission is to preserve nature's gifts as much as possible and transform them into delicious end products.

We strive to achieve this goal using our integrated network of growing areas, freezing units, storage centers, packaging equipment, convenient logistics, quality control and a personalized approach to all our customers.


Our fruit is frozen while it is fresh, so all the value is locked in...frozen in time you might say!
Nothing is added or removed when we freeze the fruit, so when thawed it is still as healthy and nutritious as the day it was picked and frozen.


Freezing fruit means it can be picked at optimum ripeness.
Ripe, sun-ripened fruit is quickly frozen within hours of picking to keep it at its most delicious.


Freezing is a natural way of preserving food, so there is no need for artificial preservatives to achieve a longer shelf life.


Freezing fruit will allow seasonal fruits to be enjoyed throughout the year.